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02-10-2014, 12:08 AM
Originally Posted by legatx View Post
efficient swarmer exterminator:

I have now tried it 10 times and beat it just is not there perhaps one can explain again exactly how man has to do it please.
It's hard. I know.

First you have to get to the right room. Getting there takes 10 minutes and the result (going left or right) seems completely random. You have to be lucky.

If you get to the right room you'll have to be as quick, accurate and efficient as possible. Don't run in Shooter Mode (RPG Mode is better because you always hit target). If you're engineer like me use mortars, turrents and execomps. Shard and secure team help a lot - use them if you can. Take powerful weapon. Full Auto Rifle is the best choice for me.

And keep trying.