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*Not sure if I am supposed to post this here, figured it is developmental discussion...*

So Al Rivera, one of this games esteemed devs, asked players about ideas for science players, ships and powers.

I have a few suggestions and following this please critique mine and add yours. The more info they have from us the better!

My thoughts will entirely center on "pure science" characters. This means they are a science toon, and fly a science ship, which is defined by having a commander science slot.

1) Secondary Deflectors - Perhaps a deflector can reduce the Cool down(CD) of deflector abilities, tykens, gravity wells etc... Those are generally considered a havoc science captains equivalent of cannon rapid fire or cannon vollys. For comparison the tactical powers mentioned have a cool down of 30 seconds. Yet deflector abilities have CD's of 1 minute this needs to be balanced.

Another suggestion would be to allow for 2 powers to be used with a secondary deflector.( eg no cooldown put on tykens when you use a GW )

These would A) level things out for science ships a bit + make them more useful, especially in PvP settings and might stem the flow of science players moving toward cruisers since their own ships are inadequate right now.

2)Better shields - not of a higher amount(Hit Points) but perhaps of better damage resistance, even if only against cannons, i'm suggesting say a 5-10% increase in shield damage resistance. There should be a remote chance that we can hold our own against a volly of cannon fire, i'm not saying make it easy, but we should be able to survive once in a while. (Perhaps make this a buff, that way other science players could clean it from us)

3) Subnuc cool down is a bit long with new doffs coming out that can wipe its effects.
Our one saving grace was that we could make a hole for escorts to kill something.

4) Tachyon beam, Tykens rift and feedback pulse need to be upgraded. Currently I never run any of those because they are so weak. Even against NPC's they are somewhat useless. In an escort I have no fear of attacking someone with feedback pulse since the damage is so minimal, tykens effects me little and I can fly away from it quite easily and tachyon beams supposedly pull my shields down...borg ones are effective but player ones are pathetic.

I choose to be a science player to support the team. However My heals are no longer needed often because escorts can heal themselfs(wtf??) and my havoc powers are ineffective...I'm actually seen as a drag on my team often because I do nothing of purpose(of course i dont do dps either...which is how it should work)

I myself am personally able to keep from getting destroyed alright after tens of hours of tweaking my build never mind all the respec tokens. However any tactical that has done a bit of the same can easily overcome my defenses. As said before I think we should be able to get killed quickly, however the amount of damage the cannons do now is too much.

Cruiser to science battles work out as intended I think, however as soon as a tactical players escort comes in things are quickly thrown out of balance.

Cruisers I would add also need help ( I dont know enough about cruisers to give meaningful suggestions). The command power, and secondary deflector have both been helpfully, but not enough to fix the issue.

Finally Key binds such that people add to their game files such as this:

Button4 "+power_exec Distribute_Shields"
Space "GenSendMessage HUD_Root FirePhasers$$+trayExecBytray 6 0$$+trayexecbytray 6 1$$+trayexecbytray 6 2$$+trayexecbytray 6 3$$+trayexecbytray 6 4$$+trayexecbytray 6 5$$+trayexecbytray 6 6$$+trayexecbytray 6 7$$+trayexecbytray 6 8$$+trayexecbytray 6 9$$+power_exec Distribute_Shields"
T "team Target: >> $target <<"

Need to be combated. It makes new people feel inadequate because "they cant heal that fast" which is true because human reaction time will always be better then automation. Also healer science captains cant use these because if they put their heals into this they would not be able to heal their mates. This puts them at a disadvantage when trying to keep themselves alive.

Thats my view on science. Anyone who reads this please offer your opinions on my ideas or add your own. Like I already said the more info put out there the better!
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