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01-18-2010, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by Angbor
Ok, I just did a force verify in the launcher and it didn't find any mismatched files. So when trying to log in it gave the same message, "Can't log in at this time" so for the heck of it I tried again, and it worked. Perhaps they have mixed messages and it really means to say "Server is busy"
I think this may be the case. I've gotten multiple different messages saying why I can't login over the past several days. My guess is they've got a list of reasons, and it's not 100% accurate, thus the "Not allowed to login to this server at this time" and the "Server is busy" messages showing up one right after the other. That, and the "Account Error, contact Billing Support" thing from yesterday.

It's sad we keep running into this kind of stuff, but it is open beta, and so somewhat expected. And there's plenty of time to actually play the game once it's released. I'm just hoping people don't write it off if they have a temporarily bad experience with the Beta, not realizing its purpose.