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Everything was hunky dorey until today when I got screwed up cancelling an instance and jumping right back in. I zoned into space (the part I had already done) standing as a person. I couldn't move. after a bit, the game crashed.
Then I couldn't log in, the game crashes during the attempt. Also, I was unable to login to Champions Online, with the game going to not responding in windows after some time at the Cryptic 'Loading...' screen.

The last ticket number on login attempt (through the crash thingie) is 3526346

Anyway, after a reboot everything was fine, however there was nothing out of place in the task manager (no bits of cryptic software still running after the multiple crashes.)

This is very odd, as Windows 7 is very stable and should compartmentalize things well. other apps ran fine (I used the computer for some 3 hours before rebooting) and this is the first non-install/update reboot I've had to do since I installed 7 (It is release, ultimate edition).