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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
Not fond of the dildo-shaped Warbirds Cryptic has been quite keen on spreading.

That said, statistically, I think the Ha'feh stands quite well among the Warbirds. Fleet version is 5 TAC Consoles and has a very powerful LtCdr Universal that can go quite well in any function. Whether you put it into use for TAC, ENG, or SCI, the remaining BOFF seatings are decent enough to not leave you with glaring weaknesses in BOFF skill coverage.

Solid, offensively sound Warbird. I just hate how it looks.
Well, I'm not sure you know, but with Haakona parts, the Ha'Feh is (for me) the most beautiful ROM ship (watch my signature).

I got a fleet Ha'Feh, this is my build:

2 - Purple Conn Officers
3 - Purple Projectile Weapons Officers
1 - Green Damage Control Engineer

4 - Superior Romulan Operatives
1 - Superior Reman Infiltrator

I'm looking forward to get the Helmsman Trait and a Purple Damage Control Engineer (AtSIF version) from the exchange.

This ship is one of the best ROM ships, but its really underrated cause its a free ship o_O
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