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02-12-2014, 01:24 PM
i luv meh he'feh!

it has power potential for high burst damage, as a result makes for a fine vaper\finisher style of play.

the boff seating is flexible in that you can make it fairly tanky and still maintain high damage, or you can go sciency for some added lulz.

i pvp with mine and have made it to fit into the vaper\finsher style of play. though i don't consider myself to be a vaper, as it's simply bo\rapid fire without any gimmicks, [well elachi dbb is a little gimmicky] and i don't actually vape anything. lol

it is made more fun for me [and i think for others too] by also making it paper thin. i think this because i like the thrill of knowing that if i don't plan things right i can be easily vaporized. i believe this also makes it interesting for some players, as they have a better chance of also getting killz. there are people who don't like one sided fights... which leads me to my opinion of why more people don't fly it.

it doesn't have any innate 'gimmicks'. simply put. no extra consoles, no extra 2 piece set bonus', no special weapons, no pets to spam, ect. it's a vanilla ship. [personally, i like vanilla ]

the scim has the whole shields while cloaked and extra engy console slots for your beam over capping consoles, or extra sci slots for your embassy plasma enhancers. cloaked barrage and much more.

the mogai has a 2 piece set you can put on it. that ion beam ... 100k critz i've seen with that alone. add to that bo3 and iso metric.... nuff said.

heck even the t'varo has tons of gimmicks. EBC, destabilized torp, 2 peice set bonus' ect. the dehlan is the same insofar as gimmicks.

in short, i believe many players prefer the gimmicky, over the top ability having ships. lol

Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
People dont like the huge model. 3D game on a 2D screen means the depth-of-field is in your imagination, so when you make a ship that turns like small escort but is big like a battleship, it is hard to control. You fly past the target, you turn too fast for the target, etc.

They are very pretty. Seems like the artists had a good time, too bad about the game play.
and this, so much this! but that is not just the ha'feh. i'll submit to you that the magai has it worse due to that long nose. [at least the 'flying past' part] ^^