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# 38 Ha'meh
02-13-2014, 08:36 AM
I believe that the Ha'feh is great in of the best 'free' ships by far. It can hold its own even against some premium starships. Or at least it has done so when I have played it.

But having the main chassis look like a stubby rectangular commuter bus when the bulk of the Romulan fleet are all sleek streamlined arcs...gah.

I had enough Zen for the Scimitar...but went with the T'Varo because it kept more of the Rom aesthetic I have gotten used to. I know that the Scimitar is the Death Blossom on roids...but ugh. Still it is a movie canon...

Now if there was some way to use TOS warbird model with Ha'feh slots...yummy.

Until I find some ship with the specs of the Ha'feh and looks good...I will fly the freebie