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02-13-2014, 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by whitewinged7 View Post
I am ashamed to say even last year when I played quite alot I never used the foundry.

Currently not near my gaming comp but, Are there any fun borg foundry missions and if so can you post the names and fun experiences?

thanks guys/gals!
Any number of them. Of ones I've personally reviewed:

-- "The Rising Phoenix" by the late Mark Valentine, one of Cryptic's own. Courtesy of his untimely death, no ending, but a brilliant part one: dark, dramatic, provides choices in how to proceed, and brilliantly written.

-- "Collectiveness Strikes Gold" by stoutes. He's not a native English speaker so his spelling isn't the best, but it's fun to play.

-- "Contact Squared" by eldil. Starts as a sequel to TNG: "First Contact" and gets dicey fast.
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