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02-15-2014, 06:36 AM
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4) Tachyon beam, Tykens rift and feedback pulse need to be upgraded. Currently I never run any of those because they are so weak. Even against NPC's they are somewhat useless. In an escort I have no fear of attacking someone with feedback pulse since the damage is so minimal, tykens effects me little and I can fly away from it quite easily and tachyon beams supposedly pull my shields down...borg ones are effective but player ones are pathetic.

The main issue with these abilities is that they they require a fair bit of speccing into to make them 'useful'.

I wouldn't call Tyken's Rift usless, I've been using it on my Nov and have been shutting clusters of ships completely down with it alone before even bringing my Polarons to bear. That said, I would like to see the duration upped a bit. I really do wish Science was able to 'sculpt the terrain' of space a bit more with semi-persistant environmental hazards the way Engineers alter the battlefield on ground.

Feedback Pulse, honestly, I would like to see it trade places with Extend Shields. It's more of a 'tanking' ability, whereas Extend Shields is more of a support ability - and THE primary reason I use Cruisers instead of Science Ships for defensive support builds.

Tachyon Beam - I agree, this is something Mobs use to great effect, but it's not particularly useful for players. A Doff-enhanced tractor beam will generally render it obsolete. Ideally, I'd like to see it merged with Energy Siphon and then have an analogy to Exothermic Radiation in space(a super-heated/radiactive 'field') take the latter's place.

Mask Energy Signature is another ability that really need to be looked at. It comes with a lot of drawbacks and doesn't really provide a meaningful benefit from my experiences.

As for General Ideas, I still would like to see science ships be able to deploy environmental hazards via probes. How many times have seen ships caught in anomolies that impact a ship in various ways in Star Trek? Would it not be interesting if Science Ships(or even as a console ability) were able to create a pocket-badlands or such(complete with Skybox changes)? Again, something I feel Star Trek Online is really missing is a lot of 'spacial terrain'(the dyson sphere adventure zones had a ton of potential for it).