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Originally Posted by prierin View Post
Probably has been asked but I will ask anyway as I don't really want to read through 25+ pages of posts to be sure...
Same here... Especially since the thread started roughly 2 years ago

Here is some of my list (for now) (also, I am currently limiting this to assets that currently exist in game, so it, theoretically, won't be a big deal to have them put in.)


Functional Vesta (currently shows up as 6 red dots and a couple of blinking lights)
Armitage (both as a functional carrier for NPC groups, and as a skin (add it to the Akira maybe) This applies to other Carriers too like the Romulan one)
Dyson Science Destroyers (see the carrier comments above)


Mugato (you can have them as enemies, but not Contacts or Friendly NPCs, but you CAN have Undine Monsterdogs as friendly)
More Costume Pieces (I want to have MACO NPCs, or Remans with ACTUAL Reman clothes, or be able to put bare feet + Risa shorts + Khan shirt on an NPC to make them look like a ragged bum) Please give us Existing Costume Pieces (including Helmets)
Not sure this goes best here, but it is going anyway... Please give us more variety in pre-made costumes, or the ability to have more than 50 custom ones (and maybe the ability to edit enemy costumes that aren't one of the 3 factions, though that may fall into new tech instead of existing tech).


New Romulus assets (that says it all... There are literally tons of things in the New Romulus Command and Embassy that I would love to be able to use
Dyson Sphere assets (see above)
Warp Cores and Singularities from Ship interiors
Walls/Doors there are a lot of walls and doors that are used in Cryptic missions we don't have access to (I think Klingons are limited to one door) and several of the ones we do have do not look right when used together. For instance... (the only regular wall I have found that goes with the "Wall - Door ##" asset is "Wall - Generic Ship 03" and it doesn't really go with it, it is just the best of bad options)
Detail pieces (again, that says it all... The walls of many areas are noticeably bare, there is only one painting (while I know several exist) and very few plants (again, I know many others exist).
Computers/consoles/technology ... this is Star trek after all

I'm sure I've missed a lot