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01-19-2010, 02:06 AM
I guess this is a good place to add a few more:

1) Teams are red/blue, house of [X]/house of [Y], and Klingon/Fed.
Unfortunately nowhere on the UI does it explain which team you are on. There needs to be one name for a team, and it needs to be put somewhere in the UI.

2) The end-game scoreboard doesn't work properly.
- it says 'red team won' and 'blue team won' (afaik it always says both won at the top!). The true winner is shown in the chatbox.
- if you close the scoreboard, there is no way to re-open it.
- the scoreboard appears as the round ends, but slightly before combat ceases. (you can be shot/shoot your opponent for ~5
- [improvement] the current player should be highlighted on the scoreboard.

3) 'report' (scoreboard in-game).
- works for ground combat, does not work for space combat (I can't click on it).
- afaik it does not show who is currently in the game, it just shows everyone who has been in the game. [ideally players 'in-game' should be differentiated along with alive/dead status]

4) Chat channels.
- the game desperately needs a /team A and /team B channel. With groups maxxing at 5 characters there is no sane way to communicate or form any strategy/tactics or let people know what's about to happen.

5) Minimap
- the minimap for ground combat (AFAIK) shows friendly, enemies (both as purple arrows) and all turrets (red circles). Not sure if that's intended.
- ground/space minimaps should probably show all friendlies (certainly with the current status of spawn points this is needed - the current state of ground combat means that running into the opposition team = insta-death).

6) Mines
- players can lay "probably too many mines" (I've certainly seen entire forests of these - and they tend to follow players that fly through them, creating funny patterns, but probably a ton of network traffic?).
- tab targetting targets the mines by default.
- mines have the orange reticule around them, making it hard to spot enemy ships in the mine field.

7) Ship identification/reticule
- the difference between an untargeted ship and the current ship is far too minor. There needs to be a much bigger difference.
- your current ship should have some way of identifying it (it is very easy to find yourself steering the wrong vessel).
- when you target a vessel, the class/model needs to be shown (it's a bit weird to know that your ship can identify 'James Pwnzer Kirk' flying 'the enterprisor', but can't tell that it's a cruiser)...

8) 'Highly annoying/game breaking bugs'
- spawning as a ship in ground combat, spawning as a character in space combat. I would guess this is going to be the #1 'stick to beat the developers with' for reviewers. "It's clearly a modified CO engine, even the ship is just a superhero, as seen by .....". (oddly if you press 'k' you'll see (afaik) your basic ship and character models are already loaded [I assume that's 3d not an image])
- if you get vaporized in ground combat, your model disappears and you may not be able to shoot again until you leave the map. This is trivially exploitable.
- if you die and leave PvP, you have to respawn in the 'real world'.

9) Minor bugs
- if you leave a ground PvP map and return to the sector map, gravity seems to take effect and your ship falls to the 'ground'.
- the usable boxes on ground maps are accessible after a round ends, I'm not sure if that's intended.


[if you 'lock' a PvP instance when it starts, then a team will be in a mess if a player leaves or if they start with fewer players. Locking it a certain point isn't a terrible idea, maybe at the 50% point]