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02-17-2014, 02:37 AM
Originally Posted by donrah View Post
Hold on, do you realize how incredibly simple scaling in 3D is? You take the vertex coordinates and you multiply them on any or all of their axes. Take a coordinate of 2,2,2 (x,y,z respectively) and multiply them by 4. Now the vertex coordinates are 8,8,8. If you had four vertices (a cube), each 2 units from their respective axes (-2,2,-2 for example) and multiply them by 4, the cube would be 4 times larger (-8,8,-8). To scale down, you divide (or multiply by values between 1 and 0). Chances are, this is already in the engine (Scaling is an old and basic function of 3D, the first cards did transform and lighting calculations. It's a mandatory function.) and just needs an interface to allow the user to manipulate it.
You would think it is that easy, but it isn't. There are several reasons.

1) The physical size is easy to scale up or down, but scaling the texture on the object is not trivial. For example, scaling up a texture 10 times just results in blocky surfaces like the type you see in minecraft.

2) The database table holding records for each object placed in a foundry map will need to have a new scale-factor field (possibly more than one field given issue #1 above). Given the number of foundry maps multiply by the number of objects in each map, the addition of one single field implies at least 10 to 100+ GB of extra database space required. The database administrators will need to make a determination as to whether this extra usage of disk space is justified.

3) The foundry editor UI will need to be updated to support scaling of objects. This will take at least a week's worth of work for a single developer. And this is just my crude estimate as an outsider who have no information on how Cryptic's internal tools work. Very likely, this change will take much longer than a week.

4) Management will need to determine how adding this feature will result in more revenue for Cryptic. Chances are, it won't result in any significant or even measurable increase in revenue. So the only time such a feature will be added is as part of a whole suite of foundry changes designed to increase player interest in the foundry and foundry missions.