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We all know you've got a crush on D'tan and the gang no point hiding it.

But all kidding aside the Tal shiar were mentioned once in Tng. The "favored depictions" of Romulans was the Military not the Tal shiar in Tng and Tos. The episode (The Enemy) showed that killing infants with birth defects was common and normal to the vast population (not everyone). the Romulan society by and large was shown to be a secretive and xenophobic culture on tv. Now whether that was meant or not, is a point to be debated at another time. What we do have to go on is two different lines of thought. There was a underground movement that wanted reunification and a more open government but again that was never shown to be the majority of the Romulan population on tv. The Books and novels are pretty good in my opinion but they don't supercede or rewrite the canon established on the show.

The main mistake Cryptic has made with the Romulan storyline is trying to pigeonhole almost all Romulan civilians into a mold of Republic or bust, that fits no better then the idea that all Romulans whether their in the Empire or not are mustache twirling baddies. Also the Crazy notion that the Tal shiar could take over the Empire disaster or no, is no more believable then the Intelligence agencies of Britain or the United States Being able to take over their countries armies and take control of the respective countries.

(So the main problem is some want to go of the books others want to stick with the tv series and the movies, and what we get left with is pure conjecture and personal opinions. So I say be whoever you want. If you want to be a republic guy or gal do so. If you want to be a Romulan empire guy or gal do so. There are some great tools in the foundry since theres no real option for non allied, non beholden Romulans in game. *cough* Typhon Pact *cough*)
The tal'shiar was mentioned more often.
I'm quiet sure that it was clearly stated that it was the Tal'Shiar building the invasion force with the Obsidian Order that tried to erase the founders homeworld (although I think it was also stated that this failure ultimatly destroyed the Tal'Shiar as much as the Order).
Also I think it was mentioned in "inter arms silent leges"

My beef with the Romulans is not even that the current development is unrealistic. Societies change. Even the Roman Empire on earth DID after all end.

And the destruction of Romulus having a major impact on what is left of the Romulan people is a quiet natural conclusion. Methods like... well killling children with birth defects, assumed that would have made sense in the first place, would simply end in a society of survivors where you are lucky if you get up your population numbers SOMEHOW.

But again its a video game that should immerse us into what we have seen, and the romulans we have seen are not at all like the Romulans in the game.
Given, Klingons are a comic caricatures of Klingons in the series, but at least there are similarities.

What we get isn't bad. But it feels to me like its not what is advertised when I buy "playable romulans". That would be, pretty much what you described...

As for what I want to play.... From a role playing point I end up just like my KDF as a "Mercanary working for D'tan ... as long as he pays"^^
Its even for a major part the same crew^^
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