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02-17-2014, 05:31 PM
You guys may not realize this, but we have had this discussion several times before.

"STO Roms aren't like TV Roms." Proven incorrect repeatedly.

"STO Roms should be backstabbing, paranoid, scheming, deceitful, and xenophobic." Proven incorrect repeatedly.

"Tal'Shiar on TV are nowhere near the exaggerated Tal'Shiar in STO." Proven incorrect repeatedly.

"D'Tan wants us all to be soulless robots without feelings." Laughable failure to understand what Cthia means in the first place, let alone what Reunification means (and pure ignorance of the history of Reunification, which was first attempted by the Romulans in ENT). Again, proven incorrect repeatedly.

And on
and on
and on
and on
and on.

I would prefer not to have to repeat myself every few months; the debate has already happened more than once, and the ones favoring Tal'Shiar and/or RSE lost every time. Read the archives in this subforum and stop rehashing tired nonsense.

We are the New Romulan Republic. If you want to be Tal'Shiar and/or Imperialist Romulans, fine, but any interference in the affairs of the Republic will result in our hunting you down and eradicating you. Freedom is our watchword, not slavery.

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