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*pats you on the head* Cute, but still a phail. Go back and replay that mission, and pay closer attention.
I played it 6 times, I remember it fine... apparently you need to go back and re-play it and not skip all the text. Ignoring Worf's ******** to keep the gate offline, the chief engineer that ends up being killed also had misgivings based on the data right before powering on. Its also mentioned several times in npc text that they're on a time table and have to make it, so they cannot take more time to research things... because Elements forbid we not put on the great show D'Tan promised the Klingons and Federation. Apparently D'Tan and the Republic cannot survive a little embarrassment for having to say something like, 'Due to serious safety and security concerns we will have to hold off on activating the gateway.'
The lead scientist was exhausted from all the work to make the timetable(not to mention that she was modified to sabotage the whole operation). And apparently there was not even any standard double checking of data by multiple persons, since according to the plot in subspace they only needed her to unconsciously rig the whole thing.

Kererek and D'Tan were glory hounding and risked everyone for a moment of prestige. Had we not risked going through that gate they would have succeeded in killing off millions(billions?) more Romulans and the Hobus Incident would have a wonderful companion on the Romulan race's posthumous history file.

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