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01-19-2010, 06:08 AM
I think that's a great post, I started playing the beta on Sunday after a friend from my Neocron clan gave me a link to a CD key give-a-way somewhere. My first impressions of the game were great, the uniforms look awesome, face details, combat system is pretty decent. The first little annoyance for me was docking with Spacedock... this may sound stupid but all I read from the log was 'Click Dock with Spacedock on the lower right part of your screen', except I couldn't see it and being new to the game I didn't really realise I had to move closer.

Anyway I agree with everything you said in that, most combat missions are extremely difficult, I think they need to be nerfed AND they should scale with how many people are in your team, for example:

You're on a patrol mission where you need to destroy an attacking enemy force:
level 1 players - destroy 2 Birds of Prey
level 2 players - destroy 2 Birds of Prey + 1 Cruiser afterwards
level 3 players - Destroy 3 Birds of Prey + 1 Cruiser afterwards

etc etc, when someone joins your team you should add addition enemy fighters to the battle, for example:

2x Level 1 players - destroy 4 Birds of Prey
Level 1 + Level 2 players - Destroy 4 Birds of Prey + 1 Cruiser

you get where I'm going with this