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# 1 torpedoes bugged?
01-19-2010, 08:03 AM
I have an escort comes with 3 fore and 1 aft weapons. Tried different combinations with more than 1 torpedo.

Ive tried the following.
2 quantum fore
1 quantum fore 1 aft
1 quantum and 1 photon fore

I can try more like 1 quantum fore and 1 photon aft but dont think it will matter.

Seems that the 1 in fore and 1 in aft works sorta. It fires 2 for most of the time from fore and 1 for most of the time in aft. When i use high yield it fires 2 in front(doesnt change) and SOMETIMES 1 or 2 in aft.

When i had 2 quantums fore it didnt fire 4 which i would think.
When i had 1 quantum and 1 photon fore AT FIRST it fired 2 and 2 (DING DING DING), but then it didnt last very long and ended up only firing 2 photons.

Now when i have 1 torp on, wierd thing ive shot 3 off on a rare occasion and i even fired off 4 two times.

I think its bugged. But i dont know so im posting here and in the bugs. I figured my escort would have no preblem with having 2 torps no matter the how i have them set up.