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# 348 Sons of Organia
02-19-2014, 02:39 AM

mission title: Sons of Organia

minimum level :any

allegiance: federation

project ID: ST-HGG8M3R78

estimated lenght 30 min +

door: wolf 359 - sirius sector

It's the sequel to the TOS episode Errand of Mercy... your fed
captain will have to contact the Organians after they disappeared
from galactic social network after the Organian Treaty...

You will discover their actual purposes, and acquire their avatar
as ambassador for them... or maybe not. There is a bit of ground
combat but space combat as well, you will fight Klingons, and

Doesn't qualify for rewards yet, but you get tons of fun.

Currently you have to be a reviewer (foundry browser/click become reviewer tab) to get it.

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