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# 349 The City On the Edge of Hope
02-19-2014, 03:09 AM

mission title: The City On the Edge of Hope

minimum level: any

allegiance: federation

project ID: ST-HF2U9QZ8D

estimated time: 30 min+

door: earth space dock

You will be dispatched to furnish security detail on a planet,
Ketrana,former Cardassian colony, where a peace conference with the
Tholians is to be held. That choice of place is not wise, and made
solely because an extraordinary female bolian mediator,
Tara Davell, lives there and refuse all kind of technologies like
shuttle, space travel or teleport. Plus, there are two opposing
native races living on Ketrana, one one the surface, nurtured by
Cardassian colonists, one underground...these ones possess a secret
that can literally shift the balance of power in the universe.

What could go wrong in a place like this...? EVERYTHING...

There is no dilithium reward at the end, but I assure you 30+ mins of fun.

Currently you have to be a reviewer (foundry browser/click become
reviewer tab) to the hailing tab.

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