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# 350 The Good, the Bad, and L
02-19-2014, 03:48 AM

mission title: The Good, the Bad and L

minimum level :31+

allegiance: federation

Project ID: ST-HABUFF95E

Estimated lenght 30 min +-

door: earth space dock

Let me introduce L... is a continuum charachter "a la" Q... same
continuum, different flavour...
You will be his pawns, to do a job for him wether you want it or
not... thrown in 3 different timezones, to recover to him a single
artifact, the Tear of Jonat, one of the bajoran jewels who fell
from the wormhole, revered religiously by the bajoran people

Currently you have to be a reviewer (foundry browser/click become
reviewer tab) to the hailing tab.

Doesn't qualify for rewards yet, but...hey you get to know Q's cousin...

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