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02-19-2014, 05:43 AM
Change Log:
Update March 2, 2014:

Map: Research facility
Added NPC dialog to better transition from "Explore facility" step to "Examine Epohh" step.
Raised one NPC group that was clipping in the floor.

Map: Facility Control room
Moved respawn point. With where the point was, a respawn could spawn the player into a wall. The new location should fix that.

Update Feb. 27, 2014:
Map: Colony remains
Removed and replaced with "Finding Research Station entrance".

Map: Deeper into the facility
Added block to force player into puzzle.

Map: Finding Research Station entrance
Changed Borg to Klingon
Replaced hut with tower.

Map: Facility Control room
Removed all but one neutral NPC
Added some enemies

Map: on the way out
Added enemies to give the feeling of being chased out of the facility

Map: To the transporter
Added enemies to give the feeling of being chased out.

Update Feb. 26, 2014:
Map: Noro System
Removed comets. Made the map look like some kind of Las Vegas casino strip. Had too many asteroids mixed in too close for the comets to really add anything.

Map: Colony remains
Relocated portal to be less subtle.

Map: Research Facility:
Changed text for "Go to next map" to "Use turbolift"
Added triggers to ensure player explores entire area.
Modified console so that it no longer uses "wander". Idle animation therefore is all it does--it couldn't wander, anyhow.
Added "pleasant" surprise after examining epohh.

Map: Deeper into the facility
Removed lighting effects. Most didn't work, anyhow, and the one that did, didn't really add anything
Added a simple puzzle. It should be just enough of a challenge--but not so much as to be frustrating.
Added some special effects that operate on triggers.
Added a group or two of enemies.
Added a dialog with a prop. Animation that goes with dialog isn't right--but there is no way to get what I want.

Map: Facility Control Room:
Removed 2 groups of neutral NPCs. They don't seem necessary anymore.

Map: Leaving Noro System:
Changed costume for dialog to be consistent--it originally changed upon first interaction.
Added a couple of asteroids to keep player from skimming the planet to avoid enemies. The enemies can still be avoided, but the player should now need to take a different route.

Update Feb. 23, 2014:

Map: Noro System
Added asteroids and debris to make map more interesting.

Map: Colony Remains
Added object that can be interacted with to add a little something to the story.

Map: Facility Control Room
Added invisible wall to keep the enemies from attacking the player until after he has had a chance to react.

Map: On the way out
Added interaction with Admiral Johnson Forsythe

Map: Leaving Noro System
Copied some of the added objects from the Noro System Map for story integrity.

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