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02-20-2014, 03:10 AM
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This is the build I run and I hit on average 22k DPS in ISE. Something you should know about my build. I run three damage control eng to keep EPtX on global cooldown. I also chain FAW3 with ApB3 and FAW2 with ApB1. Remember you are a carrier, your pets do good damage. So ApB helps your pets versus the other two attack patterns that only help you. Also run a AMP warpcore. It adds top level base damage for all paler levels above 75. If you have max flow cap you should hit very easy when using Plasmonic Leech. Specially with the a flow cap console from from the embassy. I would get rid of your exploiter consoles for locators. The more often you crit the more damage you do. It is a lot like accuracy where if you are missing you are not doing damage. This is the reason for the Nukura particle converter. It gives 10% accuracy bonus with beams. The assimilated console and the kinetic cutting beam gives more crit chance and the two piece gives a reduction in weapons power level drain. I swapped your ApD with polarize hull to give you the resistance and a way to break tractor beam. I added EPtW for the bonus damage not so much for the weapons power. I tried the arc quantum torpedo and lost out on damage, ran numerous ACT to confirm. While running the ACT I see the pet JHAS hitting for 20-30 k in damage with beam overload and their toros this is the reason I run ApB.
u can pull out more dps with a2b build: for that you need 2 a2b and 3 purple(or what you have) technician doffs. in additional i whould go with apo or apb in the faw3 slot and put the faw2

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