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01-19-2010, 02:12 PM
I don't understand this. You want to be handheld through the beginnings of the game so when you actually level up you'll get completely annihilated by tougher ships and PvP?

It's called learning and adapting. That's the whole point to a game. I'm Lt. 6, and I just finished "Secure Sirius Sector Block" and I've exploded maybe 4 times throughout my whole gameplay experience. The death penalty can't be that bad to warrant gimping the game due to a few explosions. At the very least, leave it at the current level and give Ensign / Lt. 1-5 a pass from death penalty.

The only truly annoying thing is when I rushed in and got annhilated when 3 people on my "Team" were just sitting there but that was my own stupidity / lack of knowledge about the game. Now I always make sure my teammates are with me or else I leave and come back for another instance.

Another thing I had to learn is using the Att / Def energy buttons and shifting power to certain shields. People should be expiermenting with the controls to learn to survive. The ONE thing I think should definitely be added to help this (in addition to the pass from death penalty for newbies) is a tooltip over the buttons to shift power between shields. At first I didn't know what that was because when you're at full shields clicking on it doesn't do anything.