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01-19-2010, 01:47 PM
If stuff is taking up inventory space there is a bank, memory alpha will be the real place to craft so hold judgement until you go there and have a play about.

As for being too difficult, I have gone through the whole game solo apart from grouping with a rl friend for 1 patrol and imo it is not too difficult actually about right a game is supposed to be a challenge and if everything gets nerfed because people can't take having to use tactics and their brains then it's no challenge/no fun. That is of course solo and going solo I didn't die once until that battlecruiser that is at the end of a mission that you have to disable and it only took me two times because I thought about what I needed to do.

In a group things got hairy I tried some patrol I think in a group of 4 and it would have 2 neg'var 2 raptor and about 6 BoP's which made us all die about 3 times before we could clear them (wasn't the best teamwork lol). Whereas solo it would be 1 battlecruiser tops which was not easy but was a good challenge having to manuever and switch power around my shields sometimes even take the french route and run away!

Now I know that hoping the game stays at least this difficult is gonna let me down as everything gets nerfed when "people" moan and ***** about it. I'm not saying everything is perfect but it is FAR from being as hard as some people in this thread are saying it is.

That's my opinion on it im entitled to it, just as everyone else it to their own.

edit: Also navigation is easy press M and you have a sector map, galaxy map AND a list of all systems in the sector in alphabetical order, how easy do you want it ?