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02-22-2014, 10:28 AM
First off, there is only a small bonus reward for finishing every sector during this daily, so even if you do not finish the entire circuit, you aren't losing much. The trait is unlocked after 9 or 10 sector blocks, and that should be not too much trouble to get ** the trait is "well travelled" and gives a bonus to the CD of your transwarp abilities.

One of the most useful features I use for the tour, when I play it, is the transwarp to the mission "Skirmish", which is only 500 Energy credits, and in the middle of Eta Eridani, and doesn't incur any cooldown penalty. You just have to have the mission active to use the transwarp-to feature.

When I'm on a fed player, I start in Iota Pavonis. I could go down to AC and then regulus/Psi after that.

When I'm on a KDF character, I start on the edge of the right-most sector in Omega Leonis, and travel to the TW gate of Omega Leonis - > pelia -> TW to "Skirmish".

I always TW to Skirmish from the right-side of Pi Canis, rather than flying back. I always TW from Pelia SB to skirmish , also.

If you have a fleet SB with transwarp gate tier 5, you might incorporate that into your tour, but occasionally that can be risky, if you get stuck on a very long load time.

I hope some of this is helpful