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02-22-2014, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by shadowwraith77 View Post
Do you have ARC as the primary installer of the game client?
I was running it through both ARC and the original cryptic launcher (to get the free lobi and shuttle. ARC is gone...for now at least.) I find it funny though, you launch ARC to launch the cryptic seems unnecessarily complex.

Originally Posted by projectfrontier View Post
"Crash after patch" you say?

This happens on every system I've used after every patch, at least under Window Vista, 7, and 8 even with freshly installed copies.

The solution?

Ignore the crash-dialog your operating system throws at you and leave the client alone, it should finish loading though it may take several minutes.

The cause?

If STO's engine works the way some other engines work the system may be choking post install/patch collecting operating variables.
I think this might be the case. After one more frustrated try last night I let the game run, it did the Win7 grey-out not responding dialogue, I tabbed out to my browser to waste time, and lo and behold, it got to my character select screen after a couple minutes.

I'm going to try and trial run this a couple times to see if this is the case (because in one instance it did really crash out and I got the cryptic error reporter, but only once).

Thanks all!