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Originally Posted by redsnake721 View Post
For PVE content you can do some really amazing stuff. Like Load up on all the CRTH universal consoles, Borg, Zero point, Tachyokenitic, then the Romulan Embassy Boffs that boost CritH, then the Spire Reputation that give it a boost as well, Make sure your Energy weapon skill and Acc skill have at 9 points. Then add 4 or 5 of the Spire consoles that Boost CrtH then get some CRTD x3 weapons and watch the magic.
30% extra crtd isn't the same as 30% extra dmg, it's not even 30% extra damage when you crit. Crit chance starts at 0%, crit damage starts at 150%. If you have 1% and add an extra 1%, that effectively doubles your dmg from crit. If you have 150% (base) and add 30%, well, you get the idea.

Also, universal consoles take slots. You need to balance it against what you're giving up. That may be plasma science consoles that counts as a third of a tac console in dmg (9.6%), or neut/rcs. These are not free crit. Also keep in mind that crit damage is based on base damage. If your base damage increase by x percentage, when you crit, your crit damage also increase by x percentage, the difference is they're not worthless when you don't crit.

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