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02-23-2014, 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by carlosbfly View Post
I will try and absorb and go in with a fresh head tomorrow. See if I can get my crit and severity ratio figured out so I can balance it. I don't wanna be a DPS master but I do feel my ship could be doing better balanced criticals and severity.
It's complicated, but crth/crtd is roughly 1:10 ratio.
(A * CrtH) * (B * CrtD)
You want the biggest total result for most dps from crit. Crth weapon mod is 2%, crtd is 20%. For tac consoles, vulnerability locator is 1.8% crit chance, while vulnerability exploiter is only 8% crit severity, making exploiter a poor choice.

Of course having no crit severity at all is not good, but the balance is skewed heavily towards crit chance. It's a bad idea to pump crit severity before touching crit chance. It should be the opposite. And don't add in extra crit chance that you don't have, cryptic has since fixed the display, at least in space.