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Originally Posted by noblet View Post
It's complicated, but crth/crtd is roughly 1:10 ratio.
(A * CrtH) * (B * CrtD)
You want the biggest total result for most dps from crit. Crth weapon mod is 2%, crtd is 20%. For tac consoles, vulnerability locator is 1.8% crit chance, while vulnerability exploiter is only 8% crit severity, making exploiter a poor choice.

Of course having no crit severity at all is not good, but the balance is skewed heavily towards crit chance. It's a bad idea to pump crit severity before touching crit chance. It should be the opposite. And don't add in extra crit chance that you don't have, cryptic has since fixed the display, at least in space.
Noblet why are you flat out lying to the guy?

The character sheet has NEVER shown mods on crit chance, since each weapon is its own entity, and the same is so for EWS since it affects each individual weapon (since they arent all necessarily energy now are they, why would the global listed crit chance reflect the actual crit rate of a mixed torp/energy build for example)

Simple as, with the glut of crit out there, get to severity cap first if you can, because then its just up up up with crit.

The whole locator vs exploiter thing is absolutely stupid to even discuss, and weve been through this a billion times too. 40 severity is literally 1/4 of the severity AVAILABLE

Let me try this one last time, maybe someday youll finally get what I am telling you. CritD is extremely hard to stack, extremely. To the point of going anything over 100 critD requires either 40 million EC a pop weapons (which I am starting to think you sell in bulk or something, what other possible motive could there be?), or stacking out that missing critD and picking up the H in any of the plethora of places you can get it from besides the consoles.

You either go critdx3 and lost two other mods while gimping the hell out of your accuracy, while spending 500 million EC to do so, or you go the way that makes more sense and you get as much of whats harder to get stacked up first, and get the easy mode crit chance after.

Im honestly starting to think youre just trying to screw people over on the forums. You just flat out lied to this guy about the display. Lied.

Everything is OP, plz nerf
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