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Accuracy overflow is 1% critd per point. Excess accuracy isn't wasted. Accuracy overflow is broken with faw atm though, and unlike faw crit, isn't yet fixed.
care to give any source for that bit of info? Last i checked the ACC overflow was crtH and crtD as this video illustrates (at around 29:30)
the numbers are: for every 1% ACC overflow you get 0,125% crtH AND 0,5 crtD

now the acc tooltip says only crtD, but it did say that since the game launched to my knowledge and honestly i rather believe an interview from 3 years ago, than a single line of text in the game itself.

also it never showed up anywhere that this had been changed within the last few years, so...

Ive always bewn told acc and dmg is best

am I wrong
ACC is always a usefull stat, but since most PVE content requires only the minimum amount of ACC to have a 99% hit chance even on NPC frigates, the trait (with 25% ACC) is already sufficent for PVE gameplay.
So 10% ACC in PVE = 1,25% crtH and 5% crtD...but considering that with 2 ACC mods you "only" get 2,5% crtH and 10%crtD which could be on the other hand 2% crtH and 20% crtD...i let each and everyone for himself decide.

for people that do exclusively PVE, 2x ACC is not bad, and only little less than actual "PVE mods"
actually STO is the first game that adds some extra bonus (it nearly equals out actually!!) to "hit rating" i know of...the result being that ACC is insanely popular and expensive.

again, why CrtD weapon mods? Simply because there is a huge amount of this stat on weapons...exploiter consoles simply have too little crtD in terms of quantity compared to locator consoles.
both stats are equaly precious and need to be in a certain ratio to each other, so the logical way is to grab the item where the most quantity of one of those stats is on.
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