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02-25-2014, 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by rylanadionysis View Post
The reason for this little thread is because I have discovered something mathematically that you might all enjoy.

If you have a critical hit chance of less than 20 before adding them, the locators seem to win out

If you have a critical hit chance of more than 20 before adding them, the exploiters seem to win out

If you have a critical hit chance of exactly 20 before adding them, then both consoles will boost your damage by the exact same amount

No matter what your base severity was before you added them.

No matter which number combination I have tried, this is holding true. Mathematically something I said three months ago seems to now hold water, if you have over 20 critH, the tier 2 consoles will always be better. Please mathematically prove me wrong, if you can. because I am unable to produce a result mathematically thus far that disproves the below theory.

If CritH > 20 then Exploiters
If CritH < 20 then Locators.
If CritH = 20 then either will produce identical results

Now im curious if this only holds true on five tac console ships or if its different for four or even three console ships.

Brilliant stuff! Thank you!

One question, though. How does the CrtH/CrtD modifiers of the weps themselves factor into all of this? Should I just add/subtract them from the '20'?