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Originally Posted by meimeitoo View Post
Brilliant stuff! Thank you!

One question, though. How does the CrtH/CrtD modifiers of the weps themselves factor into all of this? Should I just add/subtract them from the '20'?
My results are based on an actual critH of 20, modifiers didnt matter as that was what the ship had. (you could assume it had 12 base, 9 points EWS, and 3xCritH weapons i guess?)

It was just an experiment in math based on another thread, if im honest. It just happened to bear interesting fruit that I see is being confirmed by others in the thread.

Changing ratios, whod have thought eh? I suppose it has something to do with the fact we are in an era where we are no long bound to ships that have 15 crit and 80 severity, we just never knew until we did the math later with 30 critH and 140 severity. We had never been here so we assumed the old tools and rules stayed static.

There was a post shortly after my OP that seems to explain "what to do" when you are close to 20, but not over when you start adding them, too.
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