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02-25-2014, 08:59 AM

I no longer have this problem, since i changed my graphic card; i used an ati hd 7700, now an ati hd4600. (yep an old card)

the problem can be :

- a defective graphic card
- the alimentation not enough powerful
- the computer itself ->a bad compatibility between components
- the game which doesn't handle correctly the new graphics cards

if you can: (don't do it, if you need the product guarantee, as soon as your computer is opened, it is not anymore guaranteed)

- remove all the graphic drivers, with (in safe mode), use ccleaner to clean the register.

- when you remove the drivers choose the option (changing of graphic card - or something like that-). Then open, your computer, remove the graphic card, and install it again.

- switch on your computer, and let windows to recognize the graphic card, when all is ok, install the latest drivers for your card.

if you have an older graphic card try it.

i hope that will help you