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Originally Posted by rck01 View Post
I'm not calculating anything. I'm punching numbers into the "Magical Mystery Weapon Crit Advisor" site referenced by ehrlehn earlier in the thread and then reading back the results to anyone interested.

Hrmmm, okay then...

So if we set the target's Defense to 30 on that site, it removes the accuracy overflow - so we get the base numbers that match up (20.6%/104%) more or less.

We drop the Defense to 20, it's adding +1.3% CrtH and +5% CrtD.

The site's doing it wrong. It's calculating the amount based on difference between Accuracy and Defense, rather than on the Accuracy Overflow from the %ToHit. Accuracy Overflow is the amount above the 100%'s not just Accuracy being higher than Defense.

That's why the numbers are too high...

edit: Hate that BlackWyvern's site is down, he had a page that does the correct calculation without having to do all the copy/paste/manual work that one has to do with the spreadsheet that Cryptic put out and Big Red explained...
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