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Not being arsey, but how sure of the maths with that are you?

From a quick look, that's how I've been calculating it for a year or so, from various bits of info knocking about, but its the first time I've seen it states as explicitly as that.
From this thread:

First post...Big Red's explanation and the info at the bottom:

On the flip-side, assume that you still have no inherent Accuracy modifiers, but your target is stopped (and taking a -15% Defense penalty, or -.15), plugging in 1.00 into the Accuracy box, and .85 into the Defense box, you get 0.15 as your Diff score. Since this is positive, you would look in the If Diff Positive box, and get "1.13..." as your result... Meaning you have 'Accuracy Overflow'... You have 100% chance to-hit your target, and, if you look in the lower-right hand portion of the spreadsheet, you can look on the Accuracy Overflow table, and look at the entry for 0.1 (since your overflow is 0.13-ish)... You would gain a little more than 1.25% Critical Chance, and a little more than 5% Critical Severity.
I do miss BlackWyvern's site, think it went down at some point Feb with the GoDaddy thing popping up - looks like he just stopped paying either for the hosting or the domain.

But basically what I do with the spreadsheet to do it manually is...

I copy the ToHit value (1.xx), do a right-click paste special number (since I don't want to copy the formula, just the result of the formula) over to the table where it lists the various amounts. I subtract 1 from that number (usually just deleting the 1 in front of the decimal point) and it will give me the CrtH/CrtD amounts rather than an approximation.
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