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# 6 Finally, A Solution!
01-19-2010, 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by Astragalus
I had this issue for days, and thought it was just a clogged server due to the messages Cryptic was posting about too many people and not enough servers. Then I found out what was causing it. While playing the game in windows 7, I decided I wanted to keep it in my taskbar, so I PINNED it. Well what got pinned was the gameclient.exe program because that's what was running, clicking that icon in the taskbar subsequently bypassed the LAUNCHER. Executing the launcher (the normal game icon that gets put in your start menu is actually the launcher) is required to properly start the game with the latest patches.
Not sure if this is what's behind your problem, but I had the same exact symptoms. Hope that helps
Same exact situation here! Gameclient.exe will ALWAYS time out trying to access the Account Server. Changed it to the Launcher and works great! Thank you!