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02-25-2014, 06:22 PM
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This is why the 1:10 ratio ended up right on mark for overwhelming majority of people in that fat part of the curve, despite making no sense mathematically. The person who came up with the idea of an easy 1:10 rule of thumb had the wisdom to realize this is the answer that the people who need to ask questions needed. It was never meant to sway you min-maxers. For the majority of people who are asking instead of arguing, this rule of thumb is right. For your optimal Romulan char with 5 superior operatives and every module under the sun available, it's wrong. But it was never about you.
In my opinion, the 1:10 rule of thumb is bad for the following reasons:

1. People are mislead into believing that 1:10 is actually the optimal ratio instead of a rule of thumb. Some people have said that Cryptic chose the [CrtH] modifier to give 2% crit chance and the [CrtD] modifier to give 20% crit severity because 1:10 is the optimal ratio. This line of reasoning is completely backwards. The 1:10 ratio arises from the values Cryptic gave to the [CrtH] and [CrtD] modifiers, not the other way around.

2. The mathematical derivation is based on a poor choice of simplifying assumptions. Even before the introduction of vulnerability locator and vulnerability exploiter consoles, there were many sources of crit besides weapon modifiers. These other contributions to crit chance and crit severity are not small. The base crit severity is 50%.

3. There is a rule of thumb that is just as simple and more widely applicable: Maximize the product of crit chance and crit severity. This rule is also based on simplifying assumptions, but less restrictive ones than the 1:10 rule. So why not tell people this rule instead?