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# 1 Kar'fi Pet acquisition
02-25-2014, 08:56 PM
A number of us have bought the Fleet Kar'fi Battle Carrier and are unable to purchase either of the carrier pets (fighters or frigates). The Kar'fi even comes with two copies of the fighters, but even so we can't buy those very same fighters again if we destroy them because of the error message: "Kar'fi Battle Carrier not owned. You must own the carrier to purchase ___ fighters."

As it stands, the C-store version of the Kar'fi only mentions the CONSOLE it comes with, and nowhere in any medium does it state that the fighters (or frigates) are limited to that version. Moreover, there is no precedent to have multiple unlocks be required from a C-store ship to use on a Fleet ship, which for all intents and purposes tells me that this is simply a verification bug.

In short, I should be able to purchase the corresponding hangar pets (fighters and/or frigates), but have no entitlement to the console, as is the case for every other C-store ship/Fleet variant correlation.

I received this response today in the mail from my in-game bug report:


Thank you for contacting us. I have reviewed the game play issue you described and have confirmed that it is working correctly. To better ensure that all players have an equal and fair playing experience, we do not provide information on actual game play or hints regarding missions. Furthermore, you may be able to find assistance with similar questions by seeking out the assistance of other players in game or visiting the official forums which can be reached through the Community link at the top of the launcher."

For starters, if this is working correctly, then why on Earth doesn't it give ANY indication that the fighters and frigates would be exclusive to the C-store version only and not the Fleet version? That would have GREATLY impacted the plan to purchase the ship, and even at this point in time is at least worth the extra modules spent in order to skip the C-store variant. To that end, anyone who purchased the Fleet variant only to find they'd need the C-store version anyway to get the pets they wanted should be REFUNDED the extra modules that would be saved from having the C-store version first, AND proper wording should be applied in the description of BOTH the Fleet and C-store Kar'fi. As I said before, there is no mention whatsoever that the hangar pets (lower-quality versions of which even come with the blasted thing) would be available, which any person would reasonably expect to be able to purchase.

Precedents: all other carriers except the Dominion Dreadnought, whose frigates clearly state what is required to purchase them.
Precedents: all C-store ships clearly state the consoles obtained and what they can be equipped on.

Secondly, the generic response regarding hints and gameplay tells me that the CS person responsible for my ticket likely did not read through the actual bug complaint, so I'm hopeful this was just an oversight and that this does get fixed. Preferably soon, but that's just my impatience speaking.

Thanks very much in advance for any reply.

Edit: Also, please don't move this to the C-store promotions and suggestions forum like the topic I bumped; this is NOT a promotion, nor is it a C-store 'suggestion.' This is a bug report through-and-through.