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But there is a base crit chance and base crit severity, as well the skills Starship Energy Weapon Specialization and Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization. So even before all this new equipment, it made little sense to talk about an optimal ratio based on weapon modifiers alone.

I think you got confused somewhere. It doesn't matter where the other critH and critD comes from. What matters is that, on a weapon, you're being offered 10 CritD for every single CritH. So, when choosing a weapon, if they're both equally valuable, you should go for the CritD, because you're getting more of it --10 times more. In fact, you should only choose critH --when choosing a weapon!!-- when adding a single point of CritH increases your damage more than 10 times adding a single point of critD. How much more a single point of CritH or CritD adds to your damage, is a function of the ratio of your current values.

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Then, what do you believe is the mathematical reason for the 1:10 rule?
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