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02-26-2014, 01:40 AM
People have been complaining about this for years, the devs haven't saw fit to make manual distribution better or to nerf tac team shield distribution or to put shield distribution on to the other "team" abilities or to make tac team shield distribution into a separate skill, or tie shield distribution to eps or emitters or any other suggestion that's come along. But all we can do is keep bringing it up and hoping they'll do something. So thanks for throwing this out there once again. ^^

*edit*: Funny thing, on page two I found an older thread discussing this where they post a whole bunch of different suggestions, unfortunately, much of it is out of date, like suggesting that if tac team isn't as op through shield distribution anymore, it should be buffed to grant crit hit or crit damage bonuses, "because these are hard to get"-which obviously isn't the case any more with the new fleet consoles and romulan boffs.

But yeah, you can go take a peek at that thread if you want to see some of the ideas that have been suggested before... or just wait, the existence of your thread may have them soon posted here again.

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