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For starters, if this is working correctly, then why on Earth doesn't it give ANY indication that the fighters and frigates would be exclusive to the C-store version only and not the Fleet version? That would have GREATLY impacted the plan to purchase the ship, and even at this point in time is at least worth the extra modules spent in order to skip the C-store variant. To that end, anyone who purchased the Fleet variant only to find they'd need the C-store version anyway to get the pets they wanted should be REFUNDED the extra modules that would be saved from having the C-store version first, AND proper wording should be applied in the description of BOTH the Fleet and C-store Kar'fi. As I said before, there is no mention whatsoever that the hangar pets (lower-quality versions of which even come with the blasted thing) would be available, which any person would reasonably expect to be able to purchase.

Precedents: all other carriers except the Dominion Dreadnought, whose frigates clearly state what is required to purchase them.
Precedents: all C-store ships clearly state the consoles obtained and what they can be equipped on.
Well since that thread I did take a closer look at the hanger pets. I looked at the Kar'Fi ones and the birds of prey as they were mentioned in the other threads.

The birds of prey show you need any of the Vo'quv ships to buy them, the Far'jai show that either the Battle cruiser or the fleet version are needed. The only one with no description on what is need where the S'Kul ones.

If the Far'jai can't be bought then a bug report needs to be raised. However as I said in the previous thread I thought the S'kul ones needed the C-Store version to be unlocked as they come as standard equipment on that ship.

When I looked at the scorp fighters that with the Scimitar in the store they also show no description on what is needed for them, but the drones ships did list the Scimitar models.

This would lead me to think that if it has no description of what is needed to unlock the ship, then it means you have to buy the c-store version. Which seems to be confirmed by the reply you got.

I would re-open the ticket and clarify that you are not after game play tips but that you want an answer about the hanger pet situation as the information isn't in game, on the wiki, or that people aren't quite sure on the forum. You just want this situation clarified.