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02-26-2014, 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Split the difference between manual and TT distro, buff manual distro, and remove distro from TT.

edit: Also, I like the idea of the EPS as a general concept; but I'd go with a different skill. You're not shifting power, you're shifting shields. I'd go with either Shield Emitters or Shield Systems.

edit2: Would raise the question of whether that speed should be adjusted by the shield mod like cap and regen
If it were tied to shield modifier, then science ships would have the most epic redistribution abilities and still wouldn't turn like a brick, I think the point of the distribution mod TM* is to help slow ships that can't turn well to not be quite such sitting ducks. Plus escorts would cry, cry, cry, for feeling like they're being nerfed.

I wouldn't remove distribution from tac team because then people would want something else tacked on because of the "nerf." And any extra accuracy, crit hit, or crit damage tacked on to tac team would just make it the "must have" again, so nah. I think if manual distribution were as quick as tac team distribution, the benefit of tac team would be that it's automatic, on top of the removal of tactical debuffs, so with tac team, set it and forget it, with manual distribution, mash like your life depends on it-cause it does. Though I think everyone would largely just use the even distribution and the facing distributions would be pointless... frankly, combat, at least pvp combat, is too fast paced with damage coming from every which way for one to be distributing to a single shield facing. Perhaps even distribution should have a bit of a cool time between uses and facing distribution has no cool, especially considering that facing distribution doesn't evenly distribute your other facings.

I really don't know why the devs haven't buffed manual distribution... if they think that they are preserving some sort of mechanic by not doing it... it's obviously totally broken if everyone in the WHOLE UNIVERSE is using tac team to get around it.