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02-26-2014, 10:02 AM
Originally Posted by bpharma View Post
The problem really is that damage has crept up so much (especially with double tapping) that the normal distribution can in no way keep up with damage output of a lot of PvP escorts and the more elite enemies.

With that we have tactical team that does it all better except it has now become so valuable that no build can really be without it and as soon as it drops so do you.

So the options really are to either buff normal distribution to TT levels but have TT do it automatically, buff distribution and remove it from TT or add distribution to the other team abilities.

Out of those I don't really like any of them but I would prefer 1 as far less abilities are rendered useless but it still gives no reason to use TT2/3 over TT1. The last option would render TT useless unles it got a buff and the middle option would be the same.

What I don't understand is why TT does what it does. The buffs themselves are mostly useless apart from distribution which is too valuable. Why was it not turned into a weapon skill buff like it is but also granting increased accuracy, say 5% per ability rank? This would allow for a very good buff to make sure your burst damage hit the target.

I mean we can't just see this from the point of view of just shield distribution, it's about whether someone would choose to use TT if it did not have auto distribution and what it's effects would be in other areas. For example bringing distribution to the other teams would make no-one ever use TT ever as they can get a heal with the distribution which is more useful.

So really we should be suggesting what TT should be without the distribution as really that's what we're trying to remove from the equation which would make TT useless.

Granted it's use will be very little
I wrote that months ago and I hate typing the same thing all the time especially if someone has made it easier to quote (thanks meimeitoo).

The problem with shield distribution is that it's linked to an ability that otherwise outside of PvP no-one would use.
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Has damage got out of control?
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