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02-26-2014, 10:42 AM
I am not saying I agree with it, as I said in the other thread.

I was going by the info in the game, which I logged on to double check as I hadn't had my second cup of tea yet so brain was still fuzzy. With the Far'jai it looks like a bug as in the info box it lists the fleet Kar'Fi as well as the c-store version. I only mentioned the Voquv because it was mentioned in the other thread and so I looked at the birds of prey which showed all three models as needed to buy them.

On the S'Kul it doesn't show any info on what is needed, I agree this needs correcting, so I went and had a look at some of the other locked ships. I chose the scorp fighters because I know they come with the scimitar, but they showed no info either on what is needed to unlock them, I wasn't looking for one with a fleet version. This made me think that it means that as they are standard equipment on the c-store ships that those ships are needed to unlock them.

I have just taken a look on the wiki, which really shouldn't be needed, and found this on the page about the fleet Kar'Fi:
You may not be able to buy S'Kul or Fer'jai hangar bays for the Fleet Kar'fi if you do not own the C-Store version of Kar'fi. (may be intended, or may be bug)

There is a thread in the fleet section on a similar issue, with the stalkers in that case. It seems that you need to buy the c-store ship to unlock the ship specific hangar "pets" according to a couple of posters there. If that is the case I can see it applying in this case, with the exception of the Far'jai as I understand the in game info. Though post 5 does seem to offer some hope.

They really do need to clarify this. As I said it may be worth getting back in touch with them and stating you are not after game play info as the previous reply seemed to think, but clarification on whether this is a bug, or that you need to buy the c-store version.