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02-26-2014, 11:15 AM
Originally Posted by ghyudt View Post
Well, you have to keep in mind that TT works on a different process than manual distribution. TT transfers shield energy with each hit. Now, while I agree that it may be a bit op'd, its really no different than using shield distribution and epts at the same time. I assume you're complaining about this because another player thwarted your attempts to bring down a particular shield and kill him. With the way the game has been progressing, with regard to shield penetrating weapons and damage over time effects that ignore shields, I don't think TT will be as big a problem in the future.
Actually shield penetration/ignore is a HUGE problem. The devs need to balance tac team distribution in some way to be less impenetrable if that's the reason they've been adding all this shield penetration bs. Hull tanking in this game is absolutely NOT a thing, and to practically remove shields from the equation... well then you've got nothing left.

If you are referring to the OP as a complaint, they stated quite clearly that the issue is that they shouldn't HAVE TO use tac team to distribute their shields in any sort of timely manner, they weren't complaining that they couldn't kill someone's back to back tac team routine. This issue could have very easily come up from trying to tank elite borg/voth content, it doesn't have to be a pvp QQ.

BPharpa is correct though, the issue of power creep has made tac team necessary and the devs haven't crept up shield distribution to match the power creep so that one can mostly/entirely get by without it. Eng team isn't necessary, sci team isn't necessary, there's no reason why tac team should be so indispensable.

If tac team was simply automatic shield distribution at normal distribution speed at level 1, with faster distribution as it levels up, that might be enough to entice people to take a higher level of it, but we still need a much higher manual distribution. I think the point of tac team for escorts was that escorts have thinner shields and turn very quickly, so manual distribution could easily be overwhelming. Cruiser and science ship shields should be thick enough and distribute quickly enough with manual distribution to get by without a tac team if they don't want to slot it. Though trying to keep manual distribution at pace with power creep would probably be difficult, so, perhaps instead of transferring power at a set rate, shield distribution commands should distribute power according to incoming hits for the duration like tac team does, only with a difference of priority. Tac team attempts to pull points from other facings, just enough to absorb damage. Perhaps distribute shields aft, for example, should pull points from the other facings making every effort to keep that facing full, this is good for when you know most of your incoming damage will be coming from a certain direction/you know a burst is about to hit you, like a uber heavy torp of doom. Evenly distributing your shields is decent for when you are taking lower damage from every side, but can leave you vulnerable to burst damage as your total shield health drops. With something like a 10 seconds down, 5 seconds up mechanic for balance and 10 seconds up, 5 seconds down for facings, it would further help to balance that distribute evenly isn't grand poobah. And I think these should be toggles so that you don't have to keep mashing your arrow keys or your spacebar for distribute, you select where you want your shields to go for now and change that as the situation changes, but not *mash mash mash mash mash*