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02-26-2014, 02:14 PM
The floors are different. Severity starts at 50% while chance at 0% (not exactly in practice, but close enough). It's not going to be tidy even if you unify all sources. You're just moving around the optimal point.

I do believe that exploiters could use some buff. As the optimal point for using exploiters atm is beyond the reach of nearly all chars. Yes, "nearly all" is the right term to use, not just "majority." According to cryptic, 97% of chars are non-romies (although romies are more recent and far more active). Among these, how many do you think have a full set of superior operatives?

Exploiters should be buffed to the point where it can potentially be a viable choice for majority of players. So the average players can choose to fit a mix, as opposed to all locators, without suffering a nerf.

I like the general state of chance vs severity balancing in sto. Lower portions of severity is easy to get, so much that it's hard to not get. But higher up, sources dry up. Chance is the opposite, slow to start up when you have few resources, but comes in chunks up top.

The system needs tuning, not a rebuild.
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