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Originally Posted by vocmcp View Post
I just got promoted to lvl 30 on my Romulan Tac. Unfortunately I did not get a token to claim a free ship. I suspect that the reason is that I never bothered claiming my lvl 20 subcommander ship which was still available to claim. However after claiming that one, I also did not get the option to claim the captain one. I guess you ought to do some fixing.....
For a Romulan republic character you need to go to New Romulus Command and talk to admiral what's-his-names in the room down the hall. Go down the hall past the turbolift to the shipyard and go to the first room on the left.

Free ship tokens from being promoted are tied to ship tiers and having an unused token for a lower tier shouldn't prevent you from getting a token for a higher tier. The tokens can only be used for a tiered ship you got the token for. So when you're level 40 you won't be able to use your level 20 token to get a level 40 ship, but you can still use the token to get a level 20 ship.
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