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# 2 trouble loging into the game
02-26-2014, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by hartzilla View Post
Since yesterday I have been having trouble loging into the game as the character selection screen takes so long to load the server times out and if I do get in I'm hit with the server not responding.

Normally I would think it was my internet but STO is the only thing I am having trouble with I'm thinking its on Cryptic's end.

So I am wondering if there is anyone else having this issue.
Same here
as i select one char i get a mesg login2 timeout, or sometimes just server disconect
please any help?

since is like one hour i cant log in, i start doing another stuff,while i try to log ... seems that bandwith is involved couse i finished works, and now i tryed again and i am in game. Or some is solved?
Time Zone Spain. GMT +2. I'm not English, so try to understand my texts from the context.Thanks.
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