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02-26-2014, 08:23 PM
I appreciate your attention to this decronia, at least it feels like someone is listening.

As a final update, since it seems that responses are going to be short and generally unspecific from Customer Service or whoever responds to bug requests, it looks like people interested in buying Fleet versions of C-store carriers are to assume without being told that everything (console, hangar unlocks, what-have-you) are not available without the C-store versions and should avoid purchasing a Fleet ship until they own the C-store version. Failure to do so will result in your (rather significant) module discount not applying.

I asked to have either the hangar pets unlocked OR to have them add specific, clear wording to the ships that the hangar pets ALSO require the C-store ship purchase, because either of the two would remedy this. Their response as of today:

" Unfortunately we are unable to unlock these items for purchase. While this game is in full release, we appreciate your thoughts and the time you took to share them with us.

If you wish to discuss your feedback with the game community, we encourage you to do so on the official forums: Star Trek Online Forums"

So no, they won't unlock the ships, and no, the wording will remain as-is so anyone who doesn't already have a suspicion that there might be something wrong could find themselves in the same situation.

I'm disappointed and somewhat frustrated. However, that's the second completely unhelpful response I've had on the issue, so I'm going to just stop here and remain unsatisfied.

Again, thanks decronia for your additions to the thread.