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02-27-2014, 02:33 AM
In all honesty on the matter of not unlocking or changing the wording, I think they have said "no" because then they can still do it and look like they are doing something generous off their own back. If they said they will be doing it, like with teasers in the past, and it didn't happen there would be hell to pay. Those of us who have seen the way things work have learned to take Cryptic teasers an possibilities with a truck of salt, sod the pinch.

I think part of the problem is these things were out before fleet holdings existed, which means they just haven't gotten round to correcting everything and bringing them in line with the way things are now. If you look at that thread I mentioned a poster mentioned they couldn't get the birds of prey after getting the fleet Vo'quv but they were unlocked when he bought the mirror version. I know it is not a c-store ship but it does seem to add to the info that makes this look more and more like the problem.

I do think these things will get sorted out, eventually, when they can be bothered to get round to them. To speed it up it would be an idea that if all the people who have bought the fleet Kar'Fi reported the problem, including the wording on the Far'jai and how they can't buy them either it will get bumped up in priority to get a fix. This seems to have happened in the past with other ships, going by the thread I linked.